We Ask These Four Questions to Enhance Customer Satisfaction at DK

We have been constantly striving to improve the service we have offered since our first day at DK Klinik. To that end, we have recently incorporated a brief survey consisting of four questions into our system as part of our improvement efforts. For the selection of most appropriate questions, we have benefited from the four questions that the world-famous data and analytical expert Avinash Kaushik proposed to improve the service quality of the enterprises.

The surveys that are sent over our CRM system offer a great opportunity to see our shortcomings, if any, and improve them for better customer experience.

All questions in the survey are open-ended questions, in other words open to comment, which allows our patients to freely express their opinions about us. As a matter of fact, the answers that we prefer to hear are those involving constructive criticism that will direct us to better shaping our services.

We work from 09.00 to 19.00 at our DK Klinik. Our days are full of work, patient follow-up, telephone interviews, which makes them very busy. As we have been actively working in the sector for 15 years, we accept that we can at times fail to see our shortcomings in small details.

We repeat the same routine each day, so we are naturally curious about whether we unknowingly neglect any aspect of patient satisfaction – we do not want to allow any small detail to interfere our delivery of excellent service.

We are trying to reach all people who have experienced our services to ask the following four questions, and the answers we have received so far have allowed us to streamline many aspects of our service.

In short, we are not conducting these surveys as a “window dressing”; we do them to see the real picture and then seek perfection.

The questions in our short survey are as follows:

1- What is the primary reason that convinced you to choose us?
2- What would you say about us to a friend if you were to tell them about our clinic?
3. If you could change one thing in our services, what would it be?
4. What would be the key factor to convince you to choose us in future?

We think that the answers to these four questions can offer much more valuable feedback than the routine customer satisfaction surveys.