Does Regular Exercise Accelerate or Prevent Hair Loss?

We know that regular physical activity increases quality of life, balances blood pressure, allows weight control, and prevents a range of health problems from cancer to heart attack.

Many scientific studies report that physical activity can help you fight not only physiological diseases but also psychological disorders.

Several correlation studies have demonstrated that people who do regular physical activity have lower rates of anxiety and depression than do inactive people.

However, high-intensity physical activity that leaves you exhausted may not have the same effect. In fact, some activities like bodybuilding workouts or other sports that put the body under too much stress can prove quite dangerous for health.

Prolonged exhaustive exercise may cause hair loss – one of the most serious problems that people engaged in bodybuilding or weight training is hair loss. Most cases of non-genetic hair loss linked to exhaustive exercise are temporary, and when the stressor (exhaustive sport activity) is no longer present, hair returns to its original state.

A regular and well-balanced exercise routine, along with good nutrition, is one of the key elements to a healthy life. Regular physical activity is known to strengthen our hair by increasing the blood flow to the scalp, which provides hair follicles with the oxygen, nutrients and minerals they need to stay healthy.

Excessive exercise, on the other hand, reduces the level of estrogen in the body and causes it to produce more DHT hormone.

Although it is a male hormone (androgen), a high level of DHT hormone is now considered the primary cause of male-pattern hair loss.

Besides, excessive exercise can cause anemia, which in turn causes hair loss. Other causes of hair loss might include the salt build-up from sweat in your hair and on your scalp and prolonged contact with high amount of chlorophyll in the swimming pools.

Regular aerobic exercises can prevent hair loss by regulating the levels of DHT hormone. In addition, a study by the University of Florida found that people who exercise regularly had a 13% reduction in the production of free radicals and that it could delay the graying of your hair.

Physical activity is also known to boost the release of serotonin, the key hormone of happiness, which enables your body to cope better with stress, and reduced levels of stress mean stronger and healthier hair.

When you break a sweat from the scalp during physical activity, it cleanses the pores and unclogs hair follicles, making enough room for new follicles to grow.