How much does hair transplant cost?

The main factor to determine the cost of a hair transplant is the number of grafts to be transplanted. As you can imagine, the cost of a procedure involving 1500 grafts will be lower than that requiring 3000 grafts.

In addition, larger head size demands more grafts to cover the balding area. More graft means more effort, more time, and more resources, which increases the costs.

Another factor in pricing is the method used in hair transplant. The cost of the operation varies depending on whether FUE, FUT or robotic surgery (ARTAS) is chosen. While the cost of ARTAS is the highest, the cost of FUE and FUT ranges around similar figures.

The final cost can be determined only after the extent of your hair loss is examined by our doctors.

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Which is More Important? Number of grafts or number of hairs?

The anatomy of hair follicles on the scalp is quite different from other parts of the body.

In the other parts of the body, a follicle produces one hair strand at a time, whereas the follicles on the scalp may contain 1 to 4 hair strands, which is called a follicular unit. During hair transplant procedure, the doctor transplants these units to the recipient area.

The term graft used in hair transplantation refers to the follicular unit. If the doctor implants single hair strands instead of a follicular unit, the transplant will result in a failure.

It is generally assumed that a follicular unit contains two hair strands, so if you receive 1500 grafts in your recipient area, this means that about 3,000 hair strands have been implanted there.

This technical information may be exploited by some persons to mislead the patients in pricing. One common example of this is that they mention the number of hair strands instead of the number of grafts used.

They say, “We transplanted 3000 hairs” while in fact they only transplant 1500 grafts.

Hair Transplant Costs in Turkey as Compared to Other Countries

Hair transplant costs in Turkey appear to be lower than the costs in Europe and America. This should not mean hair transplants are of lower quality in our country as various factors play a role in this price difference.

With its well-trained and qualified workforce, latest technology, and strict adherence to sterilization standards, Turkish hair transplant industry has been offering top-quality service to foreign nationals every year.

According to recent statistics, Turkey is the hair transplant capital of the world, with tourists from different countries flocking to the country to get the best treatment.

Why Do Hair Transplant Costs Vary So Much?

The costs of hair transplant procedures tend to vary widely in the market because of the unlicensed centers operating illegally as these places do not usually employ a doctor.

In these illegal places, the persons in charge may present themselves as “hair transplant specialists”, but there is no such category as “hair transplant specialist” among medical specialties.

A dermatologist or a plastic surgery specialist must lead the team performing hair transplants, and no transplant procedure can be performed unless a doctor is present in the room.

According to the relevant laws, hair transplants can only be done by licensed centers with a polyclinic or hospital status that follow current surgical sterilization guidelines.

If the operation is performed at a place with no polyclinic or hospital status, then this means the procedure is done illegally.

Besides, sometimes the hair transplant is done at licensed hospitals or policlinics but the team performing the procedure may not include a doctor.

Clinics operating illegally do not follow the surgical sterilization guidelines, which allows them to offer lower prices as their operation costs will be much lower.

Important Note

Lower prices do not always mean you will get a low-quality hair transplant.

While a clinic with an inexperienced team or poor technical skills can demand higher prices, a trusted clinic may well quote a relatively lower price.