Can hair transplant restore my former appearance?

For us, a successful aesthetic intervention means “a near-perfect improvement in appearance”. In FUE hair transplants, grafts are harvested from the donor site and transplanted to the thinning or balding spots on your scalp. Unfortunately, the donor site on our head does not yield an unlimited number of grafts.

In people whose donor site yields sufficient number of grafts suitable for transplanting, a hair transplant can restore your hairline to an extent fairly close to its previous state.

However, if your donor site does yield a low number of good quality grafts, the procedure can achieve an improved appearance of your hair, but it will not be the same as its original state.

In patients with donor sites of low hair density, the most important thing that doctors should note is planning ahead for the future. If they harvest a large number of grafts from the donor site with low hair density, the patient will not have sufficient hair coverage to hide the donor site.

This could also make a possible future operation impossible, as there will not be enough grafts to transplant.