Does hair transplant leave scars?

If performed by a specialist and a team with an expertise in hair transplant, the FUE technique does not leave any visible scars. The point we should particularly underline here is that the scar it leaves is not “visible to the eye”.

Although the scar is much smaller than it is in the FUT method, it is a surgical procedure after all, so minimal scars can occur in the donor site of the head, which can be seen if the hair is pulled apart and examined closely.

Besides, the size of the punch used in the procedure determines the scar size. In other words, the more surgical punches over 1 mm in diameter are used to extract the follicular units during your procedure, the greater the diameter of the damage on your skin.

For example, using only 1 mm surgical punches will leave hundreds of 1mm minimal scars that will not be noticed unless your hair is cut too short.